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Trade Mark Disputes

Our team can handle all trade mark related disputes with third parties.

How can our trade mark team help you?

  • Challenges to third party applications/registrations of mark similar to your registered marks
  • Challenges to your applications/applications by third parties
  • Challenges to or by third parties based on unregistered “passing off” trade mark rights acquired through use in the marketplace
  • Co-existence agreements
  • Trade mark infringement proceedings in court if settlement cannot be achieved
  • Liaising with customs authorities about suspected counterfeits
  • Arranging for seizures of counterfeits
  • MONOPOLY – Trade Mark Appeal Edition

  • One More Thing – Swatch takes a bite out of Apple

  • Sound Marks

  • Big Mac – Big Mistake. How did McDonald’s lose rights in BIG MAC?

  • Trade mark protection for a growing cannabis market