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Designs & Copyright

The appearance of a product can be protected with a range of intellectual property rights, including registered designs, unregistered design rights and copyright. Copyright can also be used to protect intangible works, including music, video content and computer software. A registered design protects only the shape or appearance of a product. It gives its owner the exclusive right to the design of that product and it can be used to deter others from copying it, or stop them from continuing to do so, without consent. A registered design therefore offers designers an affordable and realistic means of obtaining protection against copying.

We help our clients to navigate these complex reas of intellectual property, including providing advice on whether certain products satisfy the necessary requirements to be afforded protection and whether the protection is commercially relevant to our client’s needs. We are experienced in advising clients on how to protect their works, relying on combinations of IP rights to meet their specific needs and budget, and how to manage their existing IP portfolios. Our specialist team also provides advice on the potential infringement of registered or unregistered design rights by our clients or by third parties and guide you through any disputes, whether before a court or an IP office. Our European design attorneys regularly file and prosecute UK, European Community and International design applications. We also work with a network of international experts to obtain design protection worldwide.

Our attorneys, barristers and lawyers have extensive experience in providing advice on copyright protection or infringement on our clients’ IP. Our team often negotiates contracts involving licenses, and rights to copyrighted materials and we are often pulled into transactions involving works which are subject to copyright.

We can assist clients when they believe a third party has copied their work or material; distributed copies of the content; performed, showed or played our clients’ work in public; making an adaptation of work and posting it online.

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