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The automotive industry encompasses a wide variety of technologies, from purely mechanical components through to complex electronic management systems and materials and manufacturing processes. Our automotive team is made up of lawyers as well as attorneys from the engineering, electronics and chemical departments and their diverse technical backgrounds and experience mean that they are well placed to deal with the whole range of technology across the industry.

Our automotive experience including:

  • Battery temperature
  • Control systems
  • Inverter cooling systems
  • On-vehicle battery packaging
  • Vehicle charging hardware
  • Range extender technology
  • Electric motor cooling + temperature management
  • Low energy route navigation technology

The industry is also at the forefront of green technology, with increasing pressure from government and environmental groups to reduce vehicle emissions and increase fuel efficiency, as well as to increase sustainability. There are significant levels of ongoing research and investment into alternative fuels and hybrid vehicle technology and we have extensive knowledge and experience in battery and fuel cell technologies, ranging from fuel cell end plate design through to novel catalyst compositions. nOur attorneys also handle the registration of designs relating to automotive products or parts.

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