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So many of modern society’s technological challenges are met by developments in the far-ranging disciplines of engineering. These provide practical and commercially-viable solutions to the world’s ever-increasing demands for efficiency, speed, complexity and innovation in our industries and businesses.

At Venner Shipley, we have attorneys with qualifications in various areas of engineering including mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronic engineers. These qualifications, together with our combined broad spectrum of industrial experience, ensures we are best placed to understand our varied clients’ innovations in whatever field of engineering they may reside, and can quickly drill down to the heart of the inventive concept to ensure we seek for our clients the most comprehensive and commercially valuable protection possible for their IP.

As well as helping our clients secure the best scope of protection available for their valuable engineering technology IP and advising how best to utilise their rights for their business, our attorneys are also experts at providing advice on the scope and validity of competitor’s rights and opinions on infringement and freedom to operate. Our lawyers are able to help you deal with any further litigation issues which may arise.

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