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Our attorneys have expertise in a wide variety of renewable energy technologies, examples of which include:

Solar Power
Structures and materials for solar photovoltaic panels and dye-sensitized solar cells, mounting arrangements and control systems for solar arrays, including MPPT (maximum power point tracking) algorithms

Wind Power
Wind turbines and blades, offshore wind kites and methods of wind farm control

Hydro-electric Power
Control Systems for Hydro-Electric Power schemes

Energy Storage
Li-ion batteries and battery management systems, charge and discharge control, electrode and electrolyte materials, protective circuit design for batteries, large scale energy storage systems, fuel cell stacks and reformers, solid oxide fuel cells, membrane-electrode assemblies, end plate design and fuel circulation systems, catalysts for fuel cells

Power Control
Circuits and methods for reducing power consumption in consumer products, optimising resource usage for power saving, and power reduction in wireless communications

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