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Optics & Photonics

We have a very strong practice in optics and photonics and have handled hundreds of patent applications in these areas in Europe and around the world. Our team includes PhD level specialists in fibre optics, laser systems, microscopy and biomedical image, and we have handled highly technical cases in a range of areas including STED, FLIM and light sources for microscopy such as supercontinuum lasers.

In addition to drafting and prosecution work, our team has significant experience and an impressive track record in high value opposition matters in the optics and photonics area as applications for light-based technologies are growing every day and can be found nearly everywhere – from cell phone displays and cameras to lighting and cars that park themselves.

Photonics utilises lasers, optics, imaging and more to impact every area of modern life, from communications and information processing to lighting, agriculture and medicine, manufacturing, transportation, aerospace and much more.