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Consumer Goods & Services

Consumer goods describe anything which is sold to a consumer for personal or recreational use, from food and drink, to clothes, through to durable goods such as home appliances and vehicles. They are integral to almost every aspect of daily life. Patents, designs and trade marks will apply to such goods, and related services, in different ways, whether in brand protection for names and logos, or in features of the product which, while appearing simple, gives the product its performance, quality or aesthetic appeal, making it more desirable or enjoyable to use.

Our patent and trade mark attorneys work together to assess all manner of products, advising whether any aspects of their method of operation, function, method of manufacture, design, shape, packaging or branding can be protected. We also advise whether any aspect of your product risks infringing the earlier rights of others. Our in-house team of lawyers can assist when disputes arise or in drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements.

We have significant multi-national clients operating in this sector, for whom we provide a full IP service throughout the world, including maintaining IP record systems on their behalf and providing secondees who operate as part of the client’s in-house team.

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