1. Brexit Chequers White Paper - UPC

    The UK Government issued its latest White Paper on Brexit. The UK Government has confirmed it intends to seek long term participation in the Unitary Patent Court. Regrettably the paper does not tell us on what basis or how that is to be achieved, but it is a clear statement of intent. The paper is the result of what in the UK is now called the Chequers Agreement that saw two cabinet…

  2. Brexit update on EU-wide IP rights: Draft Withdrawal Agreement

    On March 20th 2018 the UK and the EU Commission published the revised draft Withdrawal Agreement detailing the current status of negotiations concerning the UK’s departure from the EU. Most of the provisions relating to intellectual property rights, including EU Trade Marks (EUTMs) and…

  3. Inside IP - UPC and Brexit updates

    On Page 14 of this issue of Inside IP we discuss whether you should be opting in or opting out of the UPC. A Brexit update can be found on page 19.

  4. Unified Patent Court For Europe – the UK’s future remains unclear

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  6. Unitary Patent Back on Track

  7. BREXIT and EU Trade Marks: What’s the worst that can happen?

  8. Inside IP - The Unified Patent Court - Where are we now?

  9. CJEU dismisses Spain’s challenge to the Unitary Patent

  10. Corporate Giants Unite to Express Concerns about UPC

  11. What Can We Learn From The New Draft Rules Of Procedure Of the Unified Patent Court

  12. Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court Look Set To Go Ahead