1. 100 engineering ideas that have changed the world

    In this series of articles, we will have a look at some of the greatest engineering ideas that have had an effect on our everyday lives. The list of 100 engineering ideas was compiled by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Our attorneys look at the IP milestones in the history of each of the inventions on the list and whether any IP protection was sought or obtained.

  2. G1/19: Just What Do Those Questions Mean?

    When you think of a researcher – a scientist or an engineer – designing a new computer chip, optimising a chemical process, or developing a new medicine, the chances are that you picture him or her sitting in front of a computer manipulating a computer-generated model. Simulation allows…

  3. Sound Marks

    A sound trade mark is a trade mark consisting exclusively of a sound or combination of sounds. It differs from a mark which combines sound with e.g. movement, which should be applied for at the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as a multimedia mark.

  4. Innovation in Rugby

  5. Drafting a patent specification fit for prosecution and enforcement internationally

  6. 20th anniversary of the procedure for objecting to domain names

  7. The effect of Brexit on EU trade mark registrations and applications

  8. Graphical User Interfaces – copyright protection

  9. Patented inventions for services of the Crown: Can IP law break the deadlock over Orkambi?

  10. Obviousness and discoveries from routine testing: UK Supreme Court decides correct approach

  11. Industry 4.0 – Will the revolution lead to more smart patents?

  12. Artificial Intelligence and Drug Discovery