1. Drafting a patent specification fit for prosecution and enforcement internationally

    Guidelines for drafting patent specifications are often based upon lessons learnt the hard way. Drafting “rules” for specific territories are formulated based upon experience of patent applications undergoing rigorous examination at the patent office and of patents coming under intense scrutiny in contentious proceedings, including oppositions and in court proceedings.

  2. 20th anniversary of the procedure for objecting to domain names

    It is a common misconception that registering a domain name creates a trade mark right. While it is advisable to register the obvious corresponding domain names before launching a brand, registration of a domain name does not, in itself, confer any trade mark rights, no more than the…

  3. The effect of Brexit on EU trade mark registrations and applications

    Brexit continues to dominate the headlines and the need for certainty in the business community has never been greater.

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