1. US Patent Infringement…in the English Court?

    The recent case of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. v. UCB & Celltech [2018] EWHC 2264, concerns a worldwide licence agreement between Chugai Pharmaceutical and UCB Pharma S.A. Under the agreement, UCB licensed a portfolio of patents to Chugai, including US patent 7,566,771 (hereafter ‘771). ‘771 expires on July 29th 2026, and is the only unexpired patent in the portfolio licensed by…

  2. Brexit, AI in law enforcement, and US Privacy Shield under threat…the summer was not quiet

    Data Protection and Brexit

  3. Venner Shipley gene therapy client, Quethera Limited, acquired by Astellas Pharmaceuticals

    We are pleased to announce that the Japanese-based pharmaceutical company, Astellas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has recently acquired our client, Quethera limited, in a deal that is worth up to £85 million.

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