1. CJEU answers question on SPCs related to combination products

    Further to Siân Gill’s SPC update in the most recent edition of Inside IP, a decision handed down by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on 25 July 2018 provides clarification for how Article 3(a) of Regulation No 469/2009 is to be interpreted when assessing combination products.

  2. Electronics and Engineering Graduate Recruitment Day

    Our trainees are an integral part of our firm's future. We believe in organic growth and actively recruit trainees who we feel will have a successful long-term career. With us.

  3. Issue Sole-ved?

    Christian Louboutin SAS has scored a significant victory at the CJEU in its battle to have its red sole trade mark recognised as valid. The mark had been the subject of a challenge under Article 3(1)(e)(iii) of the 2008 Trade Mark Directive, i.e. the absolute ground for refusal concerning…

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  6. Data Protection Update: Ticketmaster data breach affects up to 40,000 UK customers

  7. Data Protection: Social media and tech companies face first GDPR complaints over ‘forced consent’

  8. Data Protection: The GDPR Misconceptions

  9. Virtual assistant listening devices raise privacy and data protection concerns

  10. UK accession to Hague Agreement on International Design Registrations now in effect

  11. European Commission proposes ‘export manufacturing waiver’ to SPCs

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