1. The end of omnibus claims in the UK

    Omnibus claims are claims that define the scope of the invention by referring generally to the description or drawings included in the patent application, rather than by reciting specific technical features. For example:

  2. G1/15: Partial Priority at the European Patent Office

    The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office has issued its written decision in case G1/15 relating to the issue of partial priority. In this decision the Enlarged Board held that a generic claim encompassing alternative subject matter may not be refused partial priority,…

  3. Venner Shipley is ranked by the World Trademark Review 1000…as leaders

    Venner Shipley has once again been recognised as a leading intellectual property firm by The World Trademark Review 1000.

  4. The UK is World Leader in IP Enforcement

  5. Data Protection Update

  6. DPA decision on Facebook, Whatsapp & Talk Talk

  7. Unitary Patent Back on Track

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  10. Designers enjoy restored copyright protection in the UK for iconic designs

  11. Changes to the UK Patent Rules and What They Mean

  12. Latest developments in dispute between Unwired planet and Samsung before the English courts