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Robert Holbrook

BSc MSc DPhil







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Robert is a part-qualified patent attorney in our electronics and engineering team. Robert focuses on the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the fields of electronics, computer implemented inventions and image processing. Before joining Venner Shipley, Robert’s background is in biology, studying biomechanics, navigation and decision making in a variety of animals using multi-camera systems, machine vision and machine learning. As such, Robert is adept at handling multi-disciplinary inventions, particularly those at the interface of electronics and biology.


Robert’s educational background is in the field of biology, graduating with a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Ecology.

He was awarded a DPhil in Zoology from the University of Oxford following his research into the biomechanics and navigation of fish swimming. For this research Robert used multi-camera systems and machine vision to reconstruct three-dimensional environments, bodies and trajectories of animals moving through space.

Robert went on to have a number of post-doctoral positions where he used macroscopic and microscopic multi-camera systems, machine vision and machine learning to study the three-dimensional biomechanics and flight control systems of moths, and the biomechanics, navigation and decision making of fish and roundworms while they moved through three dimensions.

His research has led to multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Since entering the profession, Robert has obtained a certificate in Intellectual Property Law from Queen Mary, University of London.

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