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Matthew Handley

MBiochem PhD EPA CPA

Partner, Patent Attorney

Partner, Patentanwalt

Associé, Patent Attorney

合伙人, 专利代理人

パートナー, 弁理士

파트너, 변리사

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Matt is a UK and European patent attorney and has experience in drafting and prosecuting UK, European, and International patent applications, providing freedom-to-operate opinions, and advising clients on patent infringement and validity. Matt handles a wide range of subject matter in the fields of: biology, including new strains of microorganisms, medicinal compositions, and veterinary medicine; immunology, including vaccines, adoptive cell transfer, and tumour immunotherapies; molecular medicine, including stem cell therapies, chimeric antigen receptors, and precision medicine; and biochemistry, including gene editing, protein engineering, and antibody technologies.


Matt graduated from the University of Oxford with a first class master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, specialising in immunology. During his PhD at University College, London, he investigated the activation of dendritic cells and macrophages, and in particular, the intracellular signalling pathways regulating the activation, morphology, and survival of these cells. During this time, Matt developed a novel antibody-based assay for analysing and quantifying endocytic and phagocytic activity. Matt subsequently worked as a postdoctoral scientist in the Immunology Division of the National Institute for Medical Research, investigating the activation of macrophages using cellular, molecular biological, and transgenic technologies. During his post-doc, Matt also developed a novel antibody-based approach for measuring the activity of the Nf-kappaB pathway.

Awards and Recognition

  • Managing Intellectual Property, IP Stars (Notable Practitioner) – 2021






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