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Kathryn Rose


Patent Attorney, Senior Associate

Patentanwalt, Senior Associate

Patent Attorney, Conseil Senior

专利代理人, 资深协理

弁理士, シニアアソシエイト

변리사, 선임 구성원

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Kathryn is a UK and European patent attorney in the electronics and engineering team.


Kathryn is involved in the drafting, filing and prosecution of UK, European and international patent application in various fields. Kathryn completed a PhD in Glaciology at the University of Southampton where her research involved the development of autonomous, wireless, multi-sensor probes for deployment in the first environmental sensor network on a glacier. In the course of her PhD, she gained practical experience of scanning electron microscopy techniques, microscopy devices, as well as the use of other mechanical and technical instrumentation in laboratories and a field work setting. In subsequent post-doctoral positions at British Antarctic Survey and the University of Bristol, she used geophysical techniques (principally ice-penetrating radar) to image the properties and dynamics of ice sheets.

Her research has led to multiple publications in journals such as Science and IEEE.

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