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Jonathan Hewett


Partner, Patent Attorney

Partner, Patentanwalt

Associé, Patent Attorney

合伙人, 专利代理人

パートナー, 弁理士

파트너, 변리사

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Jonathan is a UK and European patent attorney in our electronics and engineering team. Jonathan has a wide technical background, having studied both physical natural sciences and electronic engineering at Cambridge University. Jonathan specialises in satellite technology, telecommunications, image processing and consumer electronics. Jonathan also has experience in the fields of electromechanical engineering and additive manufacturing.

Jonathan has experience of managing and co-ordinating all aspects of a large patent portfolio in multiple jurisdictions. He regularly advises on pre-filing searches and portfolio and competitor activity reviews, and also assists SMEs with development of their IP strategies. Jonathan has also attended numerous hearings at the EPO in Munich and The Hague, successfully obtaining granted patents for these portfolios in Europe.

At Venner Shipley. Jonathan is responsible for managing our training procedures and regularly hosts seminars on various aspects of patent practice for both trainees and clients.


Jonathan graduated from Cambridge University with a master’s degree in Electrical and Information Sciences, obtaining a distinction. During his degree he also studied physical natural sciences including physics, chemistry and geology, before specialising in the areas of semiconductors, optoelectronics and liquid crystals.

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys
  • Member of the European Patent Institute
  • Member of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
  • Member of FICPI (British Association of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys)


乔纳森·休伊特拥有英国特许专利律师(CPA)和欧洲专利律师(EPA)资格, 供职于我们电子和工程部门。

乔纳森曾在剑桥大学学习过物理和电子工程, 在科技领域涉猎广泛。 乔纳森擅长卫星技术,电信,图像处理和消费电子产品, 还拥有机电工程和增材制造领域的经验。

乔纳森拥有管理和协调多个司法管辖区内大型专利组合的全面经验。他经常就预备检索,投资组合和竞争对手活动评估提供建议,并协助中小企业制定其知识产权战略。 乔纳森还曾多次参加在慕尼黑和海牙的EPO听证会,并成功的代表客户获得在欧洲的授予专利。

在文诺∙希普利, 乔纳森负责管理公司的培训程序,并定期为见习律师和客户举办有关专利实践各个方面的研讨会。


乔纳森毕业于剑桥大学,获得电子和信息科学一等硕士学位。在攻读学位期间,除了专精半导体,光电子和液晶领域, 他还兼修了自然物理科学,化学和地质学。


  • 英国特许专利代理人学会会员
  • 欧洲专利学会会员
  • AIPPI(国际知识产权保护协会)会员
  • OHIM代表(设计
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