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Catrin Petty


Partner, Patent Attorney

Partner, Patentanwalt

Associé, Patent Attorney

合伙人, 专利代理人

パートナー, 弁理士

파트너, 변리사

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Catrin is a UK and European qualified patent attorney in our chemical and life sciences team.

Catrin specialises in drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications in a variety of fields, including agrochemistry, drug delivery, food technology, graphene and carbon nanotube technology, peptide and peptoid chemistry, pharmaceuticals, polymer technology and medical devices. In particular, she has a detailed understanding of small molecule chemistry having worked as a chemist in a multinational pharmaceutical company before training as a patent attorney. A number of small molecule patent applications draft by Catrin have subsequently been licensed by large pharmaceutical companies in multimillion-pound deals.

Since becoming a patent attorney Catrin has worked with a large variety of clients including lone inventors, universities and SMEs, as well as large multinational pharmaceutical companies. In working with these clients, Catrin has frequently advised them on their overall IP strategy and worked to ensure that it matches their commercial aims. In addition to drafting, filing and prosecution, Catrin is also able to give advice on patent infringement and validity.

Catrin is passionate about ensuring that lone traders and new startups have the knowledge they need to leverage their IP. Accordingly, she regularly gives talking about the basics of intellectual property and how to use it to add value to a company. This has included giving guest lectures to entrepreneurship students at the University of Surrey.


Catrin studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. In her first year she studied Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Materials and Minerals Science, she went on to specialise in Chemistry with an additional focus on Materials Science. She completed a master’s degree, which included a research project in the field of Supramolecular Chemistry – an area of Chemistry which is essentially a combination of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry and has applications to Nanotechnology, Materials Science and Formulation Chemistry among others. Catrin has also passed the CIPA litigation skills course.

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