Venner Shipley is proud to support the 2020 IP Tech Summit Conference :: Online with partner Pawel Piotrowicz hosting a virtual panel on 'Key cases in patenting AI and CII'.

An overall two-day summit streamed online, powered by Microsoft services, one of the world’s most famous brands in the tech industry, on the hottest technological, regulatory, legal, data and intellectual property issues impacting services, finance and the industry, notably some verticals (mobile devices, automotive industry, smart metering), with a focus on emerging concepts supporting the intellectual property protection and innovation enhancement flow in the transformation value chain.

A C-level engagement to showcase the most updated content on technological regulatory / legal and IP issues, and foster the presence of though leader to emulate valuable business models and business-oriented massive digital transition around the best practices. Premier Cercle will bring on this unique platform the most seasoned speakers from US, Asia, Europe to position IP as the legitimate and authoritative port-of-call for enhanced common good

For more information on the event or to register, please click here.


  • Pawel Piotrowicz

    Pawel is a UK and European patent attorney in our electronics and engineering team. He has industry experience having previously worked as a researcher for a major multinational electronics company developing memory devices. He represents a wide variety of clients in the high technology sector including a significant number of private inventors and start-up companies and clients located in the UK, Europe, Japan and the US and large multinational companies.