What you need to know

A patent grants the proprietor a monopoly right over their invention, and can be used to prevent competitors from making, using or selling the patented product or process. However, patents can do much more than just protect a single invention. For example, a patent can be licensed in order to generate income via royalty payments, and in some jurisdictions patent rights can be leveraged to obtain tax relief on profits from a patented product. Whether your business is already global or is just starting out, with our experience and expertise, we can devise a patent strategy to maximise the commercial advantages your invention can provide.

How we can help

We have over 60 years of experience offering companies and individuals comprehensive advice and services relating to all aspects of patents, including obtaining patent protection, advising on potential patent infringement (both by our clients and of our clients’ rights), challenging third parties' patent rights on behalf of our clients and defending our clients’ rights against such challenges. We also prepare licence agreements and assignments, due diligence reports and carry out infringement clearance searches before the launch of new products. We have extensive experience in opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office, as well as experience of assisting in patent litigation in the United Kingdom and overseas.

The creation of a patent requires an understanding of both the technology behind the invention and the application of specialist legal expertise. We have qualified Chartered and European patent attorneys from diverse academic backgrounds, with graduate and postgraduate qualifications in all of the major scientific and technical disciplines. They have also gained further expertise through working on patents at the cutting edge of technology.

Our attorneys practise before the UK Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office and the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organisation. We also work with a global network of trusted associates to get patent protection all over the world for our clients.

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