IP Valuation Services

What you need to know

IP valuation is an important tool that can be used as an input for a broad range of strategic decisions. An independent report can help a business to:

  1. better understand and prioritise its own IP portfolio, or an IP portfolio it may wish to invest in;
  2. support its negotiations for a licence;
  3. better target potential licensees or collaborative partners;
  4. raise finance;
  5. help decide which “lower value” IP rights could be abandoned, freeing up funds to spend on new “higher value” filings; and
  6. facilitate negotiations prior to a potential investment in a third party’s business.

The modest cost of undertaking the IP valuation exercise is outweighed by the significant commercial benefits (as outlined above) that this knowledge enables the business to realise.  

How we can help

Working with a specialist IP valuation company, Venner Shipley offers a range of services to help clients gain an ‘arm’s length’ view of the value in their IP rights. These vary in their cost and complexity, but none usually take more than four weeks to complete.

Your detailed IP valuation report typically includes a background summary of the technology in question, a list of the IP portfolio and associated intangible assets under consideration, an indication of the size of the commercial market, and a snapshot of the current competition. As well as the indicative calculations, the report also includes a discussion of applicable valuation methodologies and any specific risk hurdles that need to be overcome.  

Armed with the IP valuation report, our attorneys are highly experienced in helping you decide what to do next with your business. Please contact us to discuss your IP valuation needs.

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