Retail and Fashion

Our trade marks team works closely with our retail and fashion clients to help them protect their intellectual property.  The retail and fashion industries are particularly vulnerable to look-alike and sound-alike products.  Obtaining the necessary protection at the outset provides you with a weapon to deter and, if necessary, stop others from selling imitations of your products.  It is therefore vital that applications are filed at the earliest opportunity to protect as many aspects as possible of your retail and fashion products in all countries where you intend to market those products.

We can advise you which elements of your products qualify for protection and assess whether any aspect of your product puts you at risk of infringement or other claims from third parties. Once we’ve recommended changes to minimise any such risks, we can file the necessary applications to protect the designs, shapes and branding of your products and any marketing straplines in the relevant countries.  For start-up businesses, where funding is a particular concern, we can devise a strategy for delaying and minimising the costs of obtaining protection.

Where you plan to sell your products online, we synchronise trade mark protection with acquisition, where possible, of the most relevant domain names to ensure that those obvious routes for sales of infringing goods are blocked to third parties.

With more and more purchases being made online, based on mere photos and brand names, it is increasingly easy to sell counterfeits which not only affect sales of the genuine products but, because they are usually of inferior quality, also damage the image of the brand.    We are experienced in stopping online infringements and getting websites selling counterfeit goods taken down worldwide.

As manufacturing facilities are often cheaper abroad, counterfeit goods usually arrive from abroad. We can record your registered rights with customs authorities so that they are alert to counterfeit versions of your products.  We work with customs and trading standards officers to catch consignments of counterfeits at the earliest opportunity.

In addition, we have a team of lawyers who can work to advise you on any disputes that may arise.

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