Pharmaceuticals is one of our core disciplines and our attorneys have considerable expertise in dealing with all aspects of intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry.  Our patent attorneys have at least one degree in a relevant subject, typically chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, genetics, genetic engineering, biology, molecular biology and immunology.  We have been successfully advising innovator and generic pharmaceutical companies for many years and have gained a reputation for providing a high quality, client-focused service. Our pharmaceutical clients particularly value our patent and trade mark services because we understand the technologies that underpin their business, the regulatory requirements, and the commercial importance that a well managed patent and trade mark portfolio has in this litigious industry.

Our attorneys draft pharmaceutical patent applications and prosecute them all over the world. We also draft and prosecute second generation patent applications, creating intricate webs of patent protection.   Our patent attorneys have an enviable track record of success when representing our pharmaceutical clients at opposition and appeal hearings before the European Patent Office.  Our attorneys also have considerable expertise in infringement and validity issues and are regularly involved in infringement and revocation litigation.

In addition, we also have a team of lawyers who are able to advise on legal issues and also take any disputes to its conclusion.

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