The packaging industry is built around innovation, creative design and branding, all of which results in the creation of a substantial amount of intellectual property.  We appreciate the value of IP in the packaging industry and our team has the experience and expertise to help our clients gain maximum commercial advantage by protection and management of this important asset.

Innovative and creative packaging can give a product significant consumer appeal.  This may derive from purely aesthetic elements of packaging design or from technical features which provide improved functionality, such as improved product freshness, ease of use, mechanical protection or tamper resistance.  Technical innovation may also be present in packaging methods and machinery which may enable faster, more efficient or more cost effective packaging processes.

Legal protection available for IP in the packaging industry can take a number of different forms, including both registered rights such as patents, trade marks and registered designs, and unregistered rights such as copyright or unregistered design right.  These different IP rights may co-exist in different aspects of a product, such as in its appearance and in the way in which it works, and each has their own benefits.

Our team of attorneys are experts at advising clients in the packaging industry of the most appropriate forms of IP protection available to them and how best to utilise them for their business and also provide our clients with advice on the scope and validity of competitor’s rights.  Our areas of experience cover innovative packaging materials and their manufacture, packaging apparatus, including modular machinery, blank-folding machines, high-speed consumer product production, heat seal machinery, and vacuum pack and hermetic sealed pack production. We also have a team of lawyers who can advise on any legal matter that may develop.

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