Virtually everything you see around you is made by machinery, be it a production, moulding, assembling, finishing, or packaging machine.  As consumer demand grows and economic factors dictate ever more efficient and higher speed methods of manufacture, so the relevant machinery technology must advance to meet these demands.

These continual advancements in machinery technology inevitably result in the creation of a substantial amount of intellectual property and it is important that businesses are able to gain maximum commercial advantage by protection and management of this important asset.

We have a team of attorneys with the expertise to understand our clients’ diverse range of cutting edge machinery technology. Our team includes mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers with a broad spectrum of industrial experience, including injection moulding machines, printing presses, consumer product production machines, unitary and modular packaging machinery, medical devices, refrigeration units, image processing and reproduction machines, fluid flow control devices and vehicle and transportation machinery.

As well as helping our clients secure the best scope of protection available for their valuable machinery IP and advising how best to utilise their rights for their business, our attorneys are also experts at providing advice on the scope and validity of competitor’s rights and opinions on infringement and freedom to operate. We also have a team of lawyers that can handle any legal issues or disputes on your behalf.

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