Food and Drink

This field encompasses a wide variety of technologies and the diverse legal and technical backgrounds of our attorneys ensure that we can offer our clients the best possible strategy for protecting their innovation. We can offer advice relating not only to patents, but also plant varieties, trade marks and registered and unregistered design rights, which are also frequently relevant to our clients in this sector. We also have a team of lawyers who can advise on any legal matters that may arise.

In order to ensure maximum protection, it vital for producers of any new food or drink product or supplement (whether for animal or human consumption) to consider, at the earliest stage possible before launch of the product, what elements of the product can be protected.  Our team of patent and trade mark attorneys can assess each aspect of a product and advise on the best strategy for the most comprehensive protection.

We can advise on the likelihood of successfully protecting your proposed branding (including marketing straplines) by trade mark registration and assess any risks posed by the similarity of your branding to existing third party trade marks.  In addition, there are registration systems which protect the names of regional and traditional food/drink products prepared within a specific geographical area whose authenticity and origin are guaranteed.  We can advise you how to avoid infringing these protections. We can also advise on how you and your fellow producers can protect the name of a regional and traditional food/drink product through these registration systems.

We can apply to protect your rights in as many countries across the world as are relevant to your product.

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