Financial services

Whether the products and services you offer are in the field of investment, financial trading, credit, loan finance, cash handling, cashless payment, currency exchange or betting, we can advise you on the most appropriate intellectual property protection available to safeguard your business in each territory in which you operate or plan to operate.

Leaving aspects of your products/services unprotected may open up the possibility of exploitation by others wanting to piggyback on your work, hence the need to protect your rights.

We can assess each aspect of your products and services with you and advise which it is worthwhile trying to protect. This may include aspects of how your product works and the visual appearance of what you are selling.

We can assess your proposed branding from the point of view of registrability and recommend changes to help you obtain registered trade mark protection.

If your product has an inventive way of working then it may be worthwhile filing one or more patent applications. Such applications need to be filed before the invention is publicly disclosed.   For this reason, it is important that you come to us at the earliest possible stage so that we can advise you how to keep the invention confidential before filing patent applications.

We can also advise whether any aspect of your products or services risks infringing the earlier rights of others and what changes you could make to reduce that risk, and our team of lawyers can guide you through any litigation matters.

Aside from safeguarding your ingenuity and investment from unauthorised copying by others, protecting the inventive, design and trade mark aspects of your products and services will also make them more attractive to investors and lenders.  In addition, patent protection may also entitle some of the profits derived from your products or inventive processes to a more favourable rate of taxation.

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