Electronics & telecoms

We have worked for many years with clients at the forefront of their industries in the electronics sector and we have gained a reputation for technical excellence and client-focused service.  We cover an extensive range of technologies including fixed and mobile telecommunications, satellite communications, display and printing technologies, signal processing, software and internet technologies and semiconductor electronics, including quantum device electronics and nanotechnology.

Our team is one of the largest in Europe and team members have diverse specialisations, including semiconductor devices, radio protocols, signal processing, materials, digital electronics, optics and optical communications, robotics, navigational electronics and devices, positioning systems, IC manufacture and spacecraft technology. A number of the team have PhDs, many have worked in the electronics and telecoms industries, and some have experience as patent examiners.

Drafting and prosecuting patents underpins our work in this sector, and we have extensive experience and know-how in managing and implementing substantial filing and prosecution programmes. However, the level of contentious work continues to increase in this sector and our patent attorneys have significant exposure to hearings before the UK Intellectual Property Office and the EPO, as well as advising on infringement proceedings, licensing issues and due diligence for corporate transactions. Our team of lawyers can work with you to take any disputes to the right conclusion for you whether that be arbitration, mediation or litigation. 

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