Artificial Intelligence

We have a wealth of experience in patenting inventions relating to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Our AI team includes experts with postgraduate experience and qualifications in the field, and a number of former software developers.  By combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of patent law and practice as it applies to AI/ML inventions, our attorneys have achieved considerable success for our clients in securing patent protection in this field.  Members of the team have also been invited to contribute to discussions at patent offices and patent law associations on the evolving law and practice in this area.

In addition to handling cases relating to deep learning and “core AI”, our attorneys have significant experience in AI application areas such as:

  • natural language processing;
  • speech recognition;
  • machine vision;
  • machine translation;
  • autonomous vehicles;
  • bioinformatics.

The team handles invention capture, original drafting, patent prosecution, and also contentious matters such as oppositions.  Our litigation and dispute resolution capabilities are further enhanced by our team of lawyers who can advise on questions of infringement and validity, but also on legal issues such as contractual and ownership matters which may arise in relation to AI and ML technologies.  We also have significant experience and expertise in data compliance and regulatory defence work, and can assist clients with all aspects of data including joint ventures, data capture and data transfers across border – for more information please see here.  

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