We have an experienced team of attorneys working on inventions in the field of agrochemicals, drawing on a range of experience and technical backgrounds.  In particular, we have experience dealing with a range of technical subject-matter relevant to the agrochemical industry and crop protection including active ingredients; formulation chemistry; adjuvants; synthetic chemistry; formulation processes; agrochemical delivery; and catalysis.  Our team also includes biotechnology attorneys with expertise in other relevant technologies including ‘omics technologies; genetic manipulation; transgenic plants and vector technologies.

We advise innovator and generic agrochemical companies and provide a high quality, client-focused service based not only on our understanding of the technologies that underpin our clients’ businesses, but also of the regulatory requirements, and the commercial importance that a well managed patent and trade mark portfolio has in this industry.

In addition, we also prepare and file applications for Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs).  We have an in-depth understanding of the more difficult areas of the law that tend to arise in agrochemical cases and relish using this to help navigate our clients through more complex patent problems.

Where legal issues arise, we have a team of lawyers with vast experience of dealing with these matters.

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