Our aim is to ensure that our University clients build a strong platform from which they can generate income from their IP, whether this is by the sale of IP rights or expertise, licensing or by forming spin-out companies.  We work closely with the technology-transfer team to protect early stage innovation in a cost-effective and efficient manner with a constant eye on the commercial exploitation and the business plans associated with the technology.

For many university clients, solid drafting of new patent applications forms the bedrock of the work that we do.  We have a large number of attorneys with a variety of technical backgrounds, and those with the relevant expertise will work closely with the inventors to ensure that every patent application is able to fulfill its function as a commercial tool and an asset to the university.

We offer all of our university clients workshops where our attorneys are available to discuss inventions and IP matters with members of staff.  We also help to educate staff about patents, providing relevant seminars and literature.  This work can often lead to more inventions being submitted to the technology transfer team, as inventors develop a better understanding of the types of inventions that may be protected and that may have commercial value.

Collaboration is an important element of much Research & Development these days and we can help identify the key issues associated with working with a third party, including advising on contractual clauses involving IP rights and practical arrangements for protecting the IP which results from the collaboration.

Our team of lawyers canhelp you with licensing and dispute resolution issues if neccessary.