Overseas Attorneys

We understand that local expertise is key to achieving the best results when applying to protect IP and our flexible approach to working with overseas attorneys focuses on pooling knowledge and deploying it most effectively.

Where we are instructed by overseas attorneys, we take time to understand how they would like us to work and what input they expect from us.  In addition, we take a proactive approach to providing input on local law and practice to ensure that applications, oppositions or appeals are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We also appreciate how important administrative matters are and we are flexible in meeting the demands of the instructing attorneys wherever possible, including client-driven deadlines and special correspondence or billing procedures.

We have a large number of attorneys with a range of technical backgrounds and areas of expertise.  We ensure that work is assigned to the appropriate attorneys to give the clients the best possible service.

We also have a team of lawyers able to offer advice on a wide array of legal issues and dispute resolution.