International organisations

Large organisations can have very different IP strategies and internal IP resources, and it is our aim to ensure that we understand exactly what each client needs and that we tailor our services accordingly.  Communication is key and we strive to understand our clients’ business and the competitive landscape, so that we can help to build effective and valuable IP portfolios.

We relish any and every opportunity to get to know our clients better and one of the most effective ways of doing this is having our attorneys working for clients on secondment.  This enables the secondees to gain a valuable insight into the companies in question and they are able to feed their experiences back to the rest of our team allowing us to further enhance and tailor the service that we provide.

For some large organisations we have the privilege of playing a pivotal role in the management of their IP, with our attorneys acting very much as an extension of the in-house team and providing assistance on many levels different.  In order to ensure that our service meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations, we work in dedicated teams of attorneys and support staff (including qualified patent and trade mark administrators) who are well-versed in the clients’ specific requirements.

We work with many different software systems, including our clients’ internal database and records systems, as well as electronic billing systems.  Our administrators are skilled in maintaining not only our own internal records, but also in providing a bespoke service to clients, including updating their records, and providing correspondence, documents and invoices in accordance with the clients’ specific requirements.

Our patent and trade mark teams are bolstered by our team of lawyers who can offer advise on a wide arrary of legal issues and dispute resolution.