Individuals and SMEs

Our aim is to ensure that you see a real return on investment when protecting your IP.  We can advise you on how your IP rights may be used to deter competitors, to attract investment, generate income or even to reduce tax bills.

We have attorneys with technical backgrounds and experience in a wide range of technical fields.  This means that we can provide cost-effective and proactive advice to clients.  Our attorneys also take the time to ensure that clients with little or no prior experience of IP understand all of their options for gaining protection, as well as the costs and timescales involved.  We can also assist with devising IP strategy, combining knowledge of the client’s IP and business strategy so that efforts and funds may be focused where they will be most effective in achieving the client’s aims.

A variety of grants are available to individuals and SMEs to assist them with their IP needs and we can help identify some of the available grants and, in some instances, assist with the application process.

Collaboration is an important element of much Research & Development these days and we can help identify the key issues associated with working with a third party, including advising on contractual clauses involving IP rights and practical arrangements for protecting the IP which results from the collaboration.

We also have a team of lawyers who will work with you to advise you on any legal issues should the need arise.