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Kathryn Rose

I came to the patent profession, rather unusually, with a PhD in Glaciology. My research involved the development of autonomous multi-sensor probes for use in environmental sensor networks. Although I enjoyed my research, I realised that I did not see myself remaining in academia in the long-term. I therefore began to make speculative applications to IP firms and was lucky enough to be taken up by Venner Shipley, who obviously saw the advantages that my science background could provide.

I joined the firm in 2014 and was immediately struck by the welcoming and open atmosphere of the office.  The trainees are located together in an open plan area, so there’s always someone you can ask for help and advice, in addition to your training partner.  I found that Venner Shipley have provided good practical support and training during my first few years of exams, through my attendance on the Queen Mary Intellectual Property course and a combination of in-house and external training courses for the European and UK advanced exams.

Client facing

On a day-to-day basis I have been able to work with a variety of clients on a range of technologies and there are often opportunities for secondment to work with clients directly.  I’ve also been able to develop work with my own clients and attend networking events and seminars to enhance my professional development.  I feel Venner Shipley provide a good balance of support that promotes independent work, whilst ensuring there is sufficient input from partners and more senior members of staff when required.
Venner Shipley is also a social firm, providing a range of different social events and inter-firm sporting activities, all of which are aimed at encompassing everyone in the firm.