Trainee recruitment

  • Ben Beasley

    I first learnt about the patent profession at school when my science teacher suggested it as a possible career. At school, I enjoyed both science and the arts in equal measure, so it sounded like the ideal job for me. After school, I undertook an integrated Master’s degree in Chemistry with Industrial Experience, followed by a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry.

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  • Kathryn Rose

    I came to the patent profession, rather unusually, with a PhD in Glaciology. My research involved the development of autonomous multi-sensor probes for use in environmental sensor networks. Although I enjoyed my research, I realised that I did not see myself remaining in academia in the long-term. I therefore began to make speculative applications to IP firms and was lucky enough to be taken up by Venner Shipley, who obviously saw the advantages that my science background could provide.

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  • Claire Lightfoot

    I became a trainee patent attorney at Venner Shipley after undertaking a degree in physics at University College London. As much as I loved my degree course, upon graduating I knew that I wanted to pursue a career outside the lab. I wanted to use my scientific knowledge and skills whilst gaining new expertise. After some research, I discovered the patent attorney profession. After attending an open day at a London firm, I became certain that this was the right career for me.

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